These things don’t happen…not in MY family…

February 28, 2013

That is what we always think. We read about these things and recognize they really do happen, but we never put ourselves in the picture as one of the family members. Nope…not us! Until now.

It has been 3 days since I found out about it…Monday around 5:25 PM. It rocked my world then and I am still moving in and out of shock, disbelief, anger, heartache, tears, numbness.

I taught him better than this. I taught them all better than this.










What was he thinking????? Oh, yeah…he wasn’t thinking. Or at least he wasn’t thinking of anyone but himself.

I have some presence of mind at the moment, but the words are still hard to write. I cannot write about it much on my other blog because some of the readers know who I am. And to protect the innocent, I have to be careful. I know it will come out sooner or later…but I prefer later…for her sake.

Someone was arrested on Monday…after confessing. Young one confirmed it. The sins of the fathers truly do pass down through the generations.

I was visiting a FB page to snag some photos of him. Seeing as how her marriage status was changed to single, I was afraid she would start taking them down. It is hard to see these photos of what appears to be a wonderful family man…knowing the truth. Photos can be deceiving. They oftentimes don’t tell the real story…or at least…not the whole story. There was a good side. Sadly, it has been buried now under the painful reality of what he has done.

I am grateful that I know the Creator. I am comforted by Him and by the rest of my immediate family. We are all taking it pretty hard. What can I say? It is ugly.


  1. Sounds like a tough position for sure. It’s sad to see people do things that just – well, they just don’t think. Yes, pictures are very deceiving.

    • It is unbelievably tough. It is my son.

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