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July 31, 2013

I am amazed at how much more information there is out there on how abuse affects the brain than there was only about 10 years ago. Back then you could hardly find anything…or at least anything for the lay person. Now, I see all kinds of articles and studies. There is more understanding of how the brain works and how memory is affected…lots of good information. I hope it helps someone.

I have updated my Abuse, Trauma & the Body/Brain page once again.  It looks like this will be an ongoing thing as more and more research is done. I hope that I will also see start seeing a lot of articles on successful healing and how the lives of survivors are made better.


  1. Onesurvivor, you are so cool, smart, and strong. It took a lot of strength to move away from your parent’s control and take charge of your own life. I bet they hated to see your power, your ability to move away from what they put their energy into creating. Ha!
    I had to change my name too for mostly the same reasons and because I didn’t like it.

    • Thanks, Hope. They weren’t too happy about it. I am glad you were able to change your name, too. No sense in keeping a name you don’t like!

      • My father named me and it always seemed he didn’t put much thought into it. He didn’t give me a middle name or his last name because he didn’t want to pay child support..Ooohwee! My father was truly a lost soul when he was here on earth.

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