Managing Flashbacks

November 20, 2013

More on flashbacks…

Ritual Abuse

When I first started having flashbacks, I thought I had been hit by a mental and emotional Mack truck. It took several years of practice to get a handle on them and to learn how to deal with them. I’d like to share some of this hard-earned experience with you.

It helped to realize that different parts of my memories are stored in different parts of my brain. So the smells might come back, or the emotions, or the sights, but not everything at once. Or at least not usually.

When every sense, every detail comes back at once, the challenge is to keep one foot, or at least one toe, in the present so that I know it’s a flashback as it’s happening. Otherwise, I’m afraid I may find out later that I’ve acted in some way that made sense in the context of the flashback, but was harmful…

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