Basic Update on Me

April 11, 2015

My husband’s condition is better. It will not completely go away, but they have come up with some things to make it more manageable. He is taking less pain meds and is able to do more than he could. I can see that it would still be difficult for him to have to work a full time job, but he is going to try anyway. He is unable to walk for long periods of time, especially on hard surfaces like concrete. He also cannot sit straight up for long. He has to recline a bit. In addition, he really needs to be on ice a lot. The ice really helps, but what job can he do that he can ice periodically. Living on early Social Security is tight. He was unable to get disability, which would have helped tremendously. So, he is looking to try to work, even if he is only able to do it part time to help supplement the SS.

I keep battling something. I am tired and just do not feel well. Now that I have medical coverage, I am in the process of making appointments to get checked out. Finally! Don’t get me started on the hassle it has been.

My son had Epstein Barr and it is possible that is what I have been fighting for years. For almost a month he mostly just slept and did not feel very well when he was awake.

I have more to share, but really need to go as I am not feeling all that well and I really need to think about what to share.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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