Just some thoughts

October 21, 2020

Our nation has deteriorated in many ways. Different people have different ideas as to what that deterioration looks like and who’s to blame. In reality, we are all to blame, collectively.

We have checked our brains and our hearts at the door. We have allowed ourselves to be so focused on self and entertainment and things that please us, that we won’t put in the hard work to research out the truth. There are organizations that have lied to us for so long and indoctrinated us in schools for so long and we just swallow it all…even when logic alone could so easily show us they (and we) are wrong.

We idolize people and we listen to them talk about things they’re ignorant of and we believe them. We’re lazy, too lazy to do the hard work of digging up the truth, too lazy to do the hard work of learning and applying logic.

We have sacrificed our hearts and our souls on the altar of convenience and me, me, me. We have allowed our neighbors to suffer. We have allowed the most innocent to be victimized. We have allowed the murders of people in the inner cities. We have allowed lousy education for some, while denying school choice. We have allowed the butchery of the unborn in the womb. And we are unrepentant.

Many of us go to places of worship. Maybe we cry out to God about the things we see. Maybe we don’t. Maybe we just ignore it all as an inconvenient truth…or, worse, not truth. But of all those who are crying out (whether in places of worship or not), how many actually put feet to doing something about the things we see? How many of us are tormented by our inability to do more and asking G-d to show us how/help us to be more effective? How many of us are sitting comfortably ensconced in front of our TV sets, our computer screens, and our phones allowing ourselves to be entertained into zombie pawns? How many of us are actually living versus being the mind and heart walking dead?

The wolf is at the door and has been for a long time. When are we going to wake up and do something about the wolf?

We are so busy fighting each other, we ignore the real enemy behind all this. We have a spiritual adversary that has been trying to take us down since the very beginning. And that adversary plays dirty. He will use any tactic at his disposal to turn people into his pawns and to turn people against each other. While we’re busy arguing and bickering and fighting with each other, he is in the background snickering at us and enjoying his success

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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