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Big Brother’s Prayers & Yahweh’s Gifts

February 21, 2008

Last night I was so distracted by the emotional pain. My “adopted” big brother was online and he prayed for me over IM. He deals with non-stop physical pain, yet he was concerned about me. What a guy! He and my “adopted” sis (his wife) are such blessings to me. They know me better than most. No matter what ID I use in online meetings, the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit always tells him it’s me. He and I have a spiritual connection that is very rare.

Lilly sent me an email that I needed to get yesterday. It made me smile. We got to talk on the phone the other day and it was such a blessing. Today, Pam called me and we could only talk for a couple of minutes because I was busy with my son, but what a gift to hear her voice for even those few minutes. Yahweh always knows who I need to hear from and when. 🙂

All of my friends are gifts from Yahweh and I am blessed to have them!

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