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Tough Days, Sweet Study and Blessings

December 18, 2008

Yesterday was a bit of a tough day. It was one of those days when the old brain just would not co-operate! It was difficult to think and to focus. I am amazed at how much I actually got done. I guess, to some, it would not appear to have been a day of struggling, but it was.

I love that I got to read and study scripture some. I kind of wish I could spend more time studying it and sharing about what I learn. I love it. I would love to get into it for hours every day. The more I read it and study it, the more I am blessed, the more I grow and the stronger I get. I know that may be difficult for some people to undertand, but that is my experience.

The more I learn about Yahweh God and myself, the deeper and sweeter our heart connection gets. Ahhh…there is just nothing like it. He loves on me and brings me healing. There are still things I don’t understand about this old world and about God. But then, if I could understand it all I would BE God, which I am definitely NOT! That is a good thing, for I know that I would not make a very good god. I am so unqualified.

Today has been better. It is time to just rest in Him. I am being blessed in many ways. I feel SO undeserving, very grateful and very humbled. Why I should be blessed is beyond me. I know that I am a very imperfect person. I can be selfish, prideful and insensitive. I don’t want to be…but I am. If it were not for Yahweh helping me, I would be worse…far worse.

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