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The Dentist, Enemies and Curses

July 8, 2008

I called someone and asked him to pray for me as I went into the dentist. I am so thankful that I did. It actually went better than it has before. I also talked to my system and explained that all was OK. I am sure that probably helped, too.

Yahweh God is there for me. He always has been, although I have not always been able to see it until afterward.

Which brings me to something else. He has been showing me some things lately. One of the things which He has shown me from time to time is that there are people who are praying against me. The cult is very diligent in praying for its enemies…probably way more diligent than Yahweh’s people are about praying for ours. It will not work to pray against me. That is not a challenge…it is simply a statement of fact.

Prayers against someone are basically curses. It says in God’s Word that an undeserved curse is like a bird flitting around that cannot come to rest. I try to live at peace with others…to do nothing that would cause me to deserve a curse. However, all of us, because of the wickedness in our own hearts, deserves to be ultimately cursed. None of us can claim perfect goodness. All we can claim is that we are “better than” this one or that one. Yet, we are all wicked on some level…even if it is hidden in our hearts and not seen in our actions.

That is one reason that I am so grateful for what Yeshua/Jesus already did for me. He suffered and died for all of the wicked things I have ever done or ever will do. He became cursed for me. All of the curses that I deserve He took. Wow!

So, the upshot is this. I am His and no one can cause a curse to come upon me or upon my family. The next part is also important. Whenever I become aware of prayers being offered up against me or against my family I pray for the people doing the praying. I pray for their eyes to be opened to the truth. I pray for the Adversary to be bound up away from them. I pray for them to become free!


The Dentist

July 8, 2008

I see the dentist today. I hate going because I have to have two fillings done. I just don’t like people working in my mouth. I can handle it in little doses…but extensive stuff is really hard.

I am also very tired, which does not help. Between being tired and the upcoming appointment I am pretty spaced. I hate to take something to “calm” me down when I am this tired. Argggg! Wouldn’t you know? The times when I most need a little something, I am too tired to take anything!!! What is up with this?

To top it off…I don’t feel all that great. Of course, it could just be from the anxiousness of the appointment coupled with being very tired. I don’t know. I just wish I could call the whole thing off and stay home…but that is not a practical option. I don’t always have a vehicle to get me to the dentist and, if I don’t go today, it could be a month or more before I get back in. I have already put it off for a long time.

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