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Had Therapy Today

March 12, 2008

I talked with my t today. I was so frustrated with my insurance company that I wrote them a letter explaining just how I felt. When I showed it to my t today he thought it was excellent. I told him he had my permission to read it to the whomever he was going to have a phone session with at the insurance company. He said he thought it would have more impact if I sent it in directly from me. So, I signed it and he is faxing it for me tonight. I don’t know if it will do any good, but it does feel good to voice my thoughts and feelings…to at least try to fight for what should rightfully be mine to have!

I am not some whimpering little child who has to be lead by the hand. I have survived horrors beyond belief. I can do this. I deserve to be respected, honored and heard! But even if they do not respect, honor and hear me, I know who I am…a daughter of the Most High God. Bat El ‘Elyon! And He will not permit anything to slow my healing down. All goes according to His greater plan and purpose!

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