Header Photos

After being asked about my current header photo, I figured I would start a page for header photos.  First I show the header. Then I show the complete photo. That way you can see what they are cropped down from. I also explain a bit about why I chose each photo.

I have done sunsets simply because they are beautiful.

This one I chose because of how the flower blooms…in spite of its surroundings. We can bloom in spite of what we have been through.

This picture makes me think of how we only see such a small part of life. Life is so much bigger than what we are aware of.

Life is always a journey. Healing is no different.

Even in the midst of darkness, the light shines through.

I am Flower(s). I am beautiful and I bring beauty to my surroundings. Who I am is pushing through to the front even though some of who I am is still blurry or hidden in the background. I am moving forward. I am healing.


  1. Great shots!

  2. are you really connected with word press the christian publishing house? do you have their approval for everything on this website, before, now, and coming after? i really want to be able to call them up and find out you’re safe. please be safe. i don’t want to give you my email addy until i know that. please read this and just answer it in your blog. btw, receiving communion barefoot, check ouy the community john michael talbot started. i think you’d fit right in there. thanks.

    • Hello, m. I am a bit confused as to what you mean by “word press the christian publishing house”. I am not familiar with that publisher, nor am I associated with any particular publisher. Everything on my blog is my own and I own the copyrights to it all…past, present and future.

      I am safe, hon, very safe. I have my moments. Sometimes I get triggered, but I deal with it. I am very busy and it takes me time to get my thoughts together, which is why I don’t post more often.

      I like some of the music of John Michael Talbot. I am only vaguely familiar with his community. Hebrew Roots is more my focus. I don’t know if he has moved in the direction.

      Take care, m. I offer hugs, if you would like. 🙂

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