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Parents and grieving & acceptance and peace…

December 28, 2011

I just reread my post with my last email to my father. You can find it here.

I feel no real emotions over this. It is as if I have been able to simply accept the fact that we do not, and will not (apparently), ever have a healthy relationship. It is done and I am at peace with that. They have made their choice. Yeah, sometimes I think about it and wonder, but not for long. There is no point dwelling on something over which I have no control.

So, yeah, I do finally have peace that I have done what I can…and it is enough. I still pray for them when I do think about them. I do not wish them ill. I really do hope they can find healing and peace before they die. I live my life as if I have no parents other than G-d. And that is OK. And it feels good to be able to say that, right now, I truly do not care. I feel indifferent.

Every once in a while I think about the possibility of hearing that one is dead, but that does not last long, either. I really cannot say how I would feel to get that news so there is no point in speculating on it. It is not something for which I think I can really prepare myself. I think I would probably cry…but not because I would miss them. No, it would be that I would be sad over all that they threw away…over all the things that could have been.

I have found that grieving needs to not only be for what was, but also for what was not. What was not is a legitimate loss…just as important as actually losing good things that were. I have lost my parents. The fact that I lost them probably before I was even born makes no difference. It is still a loss.

Their bodies may still be walking around, but whatever it is that makes them my parents died a long, long time ago. May my parents rest in peace. Still, I pray that they do wake up and truly live before they die.

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