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When a Therapist Goes Bad…

January 20, 2011

Therapists are supposed to be healers…people who act compassionately for the benefit of their clients. They are supposed to give support…without asking anything back (other than the agreed upon payment). They are supposed to offer suggestions…to listen…to hear…to believe and to validate. They are to cheer their clients on in their healing journeys. Of course, how that plays out…what it looks like…will be different between each therapist and each client. Every relationship is unique.

There are also things therapists are not supposed to do. For example, almost every state has a law that says a therapist is not allowed to have a dual relationship with a client. The therapist is not supposed to hire the client to do any work. They are not supposed to be friends. They certainly cannot have a sexual relationship. The therapist is not supposed to take expensive gifts from the client or use anything belonging to the client like a vehicle or cell phone.

Therapists are also supposed to keep confidences. They are never to share anything about another client. In fact, they are not even allowed to reveal that another client meets with them without that other client’s permission. Sharing anything written to or from a client with any other client is taboo.

I hate the thought of a therapist hurting his or her clients. When I hear about a bad therapist, my heart breaks for the people who work with them…and even more so when I know some of them personally. I don’t like seeing my friends getting hurt…and especially when it is by someone who should be helping them to overcome their hurts.

I know of a bad therapist…more than one, actually. But today I am writing about one in particular…KB. She has former clients who have filed complaints against her. I know of this therapist because I was once part of her online for pay “therapeutic” forum. I thank G-d that I was never her official client. I only spoke on the phone with her once and I never met her in person because we lived in several states away from each other.

I left her forum because of her repeated absences and her allowing targeting and badgering to take place on the forum. After I left, she broke my confidentiality by publicly posting an email she wrote to me…an email in which she misquoted me to boot. I suffered a whole lot more with her as she lied about me to others and falsely accused me of things I could not have done and did not do. I have witnesses that I was hundreds of miles and several states away from one even I was supposed to have caused.

So, why write about her today? Because the TX licensing board has ruled that her license should be revoked! She is asking for an informal conference and a hearing. I hope all the others who have, and are, filing complaints stick with it. The more who complain about her, the stronger the case against her and the harder it will be for her to reverse the decision.

I read the paperwork released by the TX board. I have also read a complaint written by someone. Both remain anonymous and I would not give their names even if I knew them. Frankly, with what I read from the board, I don’t see how she can possibly reverse it. I certainly hope she cannot. It is time she stop abusing her clients.

I did some art pieces to help process through my experiences with her. You can find two of them here and here.

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