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More on United States of Tara – Buck

January 29, 2009

There are some things about Buck that are rather unrealistic. Well, not so much about Buck as about the response to Buck. I mean…really…if a woman (aka Buck) had come out swinging at a high school boy, don’t you think the authorities would have been called?

It is like someone at the Showtime forum pointed out…there would have been an arrest and probably a lawsuit filed by the boy and his parents.

Most people I know who have blatant switches…the system at least knows enough to protect the children…on some level. They don’t go out and do things that will blatantly embarress the children or put them in harm’s way. Don’t you think that Child Services would have been called in to investigate Tara? Don’t you think that someone would be wondering if she is a fit parent?

Now, I am NOT saying that those of us with DID cannot be fit parents…not at all! I know many who have DID who love their children deeply and whose systems fight for their children in a positive way. But the very public display that Buck gave is NOT a positive way of fighting for the children! It puts them at risk of being taken away. Tell me that if someone’s parent displayed the kind of behavior that “Buck” displayed with the boyfriend that you would not have people calling social services!

What is really sad about this show is that, while it might get the very real condition of DID out and discussed, how much disinformation will it also get out? What kind of image are people going to walk away with after watching this show?Will they be sympathetic and compassionate? Or will they be laughing and joking about the “freaks”.

I don’t use that term “freaks” lightly. Amongst my friends, it is very rare that they do not…or have not…struggled with feeling like a freak. In a world where mono minds “seem” to rule (“seem” is another subject altogether) and anything “out of the ordinary” is considered “freakish”, I know that I sure don’t want a show that will possibly help others to look at any one of us as being “freaks”. It is the same concern I had about Herschel Walker going public and about the things Jerry Mungadze was saying about Herschel. Puke!!!

Perhaps, things will be developed later in the show and real healing will be shown. That is great for those who stick it out. What about those who only watch the first few episodes? What about those who just say that Tara is a total freak? Is the show really helping those with DID who really need acceptance and understanding? Or is it actually hurting them?

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