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Holding On Amidst Busyness

February 1, 2010

Sometimes, life just has so much busyness for me. Things start to pile up and I feel overwhelmed. I find myself pulling back from places, people and things I enjoy…not just physically due to time, but also emotionally due to just feeling so overwhelmed.  I am focusing on only those things that really need my immediate attention…which, of course, includes family.

I was asked to write an article on Internet safety. Well, it turned out to be much longer than I thought it would be as I wanted to cover the subject as thoroughly as I can. So, I decided to abbreviate it for publication and put the longer one here on my blog in a series of posts. I hope to put the first post up momentarily. Knowing how life can be so distracting, however, we will see.

I am struggling through this winter…doing OK…yet struggling. Overall, I am handling it fairly well…just needing to pull back as I wrote above. I am getting through and this, too, will pass…all things do at some point. Sometimes, I really do get so tired of things being thrown at me. I just want to curl up for a bit and veg…which is not necessarily a bad thing to do. I just don’t get much accomplished while doing that…nor do I have any real privacy to do that. Oh, well…life is oftentimes not what we want it to be. *sigh*

But it is OK. It WILL get better. I WILL get through all things. I have made it this far. *smile*


Real Quick Post

June 24, 2009

I just have to kick this off really quickly. I am very busy…too busy to be able to write on my blog. Too busy to be able to read my friends’ blogs. I don’t LIKE being this busy. I work hard at NOT being this busy…but this is life for me right now.

I miss writing. I long to write more. Writing is like life to me and it saddens me that I cannot do more of it. I know this will pass. There is much on my heart to share, but it will just have to wait.

BUT…I did get some validation today. I read a review of KB…a therapist who targeted me when I was on her forum. Yes!!! Although I was not mentioned in this particular review…the other person did write about what she experienced and saw. My heart goes out to her and I send her kudos. Wish I could actually send them to her…but this is the best I can do right now. She was very brave to write what she did. It is obvious that leaving KB and her forum was the best thing she could have done for herself. The growth she describes having gone through after letting KB go is wonderful!

Way to go, P!

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