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Purim Is Coming! Party Time!

February 28, 2012

I love Purim. I hope our family will have a great time of celebration!

Then comes Pesach/Passover. Another time of celebration to which I am looking forward. Woohoo!


A Brand New One…

August 11, 2010

A brand new laptop is on the way. Woohoo! I cannot wait. I really need to get off this one I am using. The laptop is a gift…an incredible, wonderful gift. This means I can use the warranty check for other things! Yeah!



February 15, 2010

Sometimes…I wonder if this blog is doing anyone other than myself any good. I keep hoping that something I write will make a difference in someone else’s life…in someone else’s healing journey. I know it is being read. So, I guess it is fair to assume that, since others are reading, it must be helping them somehow.

This healing journey can be difficult…filled with struggles and hard things that we have to push through. I certainly don’t have the corner on how to do it. Besides, I believe it is different for each one of us. Oh, we may have some things in common and there may be some similarities in our journey’s, but we are also all unique.

For me, the most important thing for survivors is to be there for one another. That is why betrayal, when it happens, is SO hard. We figure that other survivors are safe…and I think that most are. Sometimes, though, as I wrote about in my article, we run into some that are not.

Recovering from a betrayal is not an easy thing, especially if that betrayal includes a professional like a therapist. But it IS possible. You may find yourself less trusting. I know I am…although it is not the online survivor I trust less so much as the professional. It would be very difficult for me now to go to any therapist who is familiar with cult programming unless someone I really trusted a lot could personally vouch for him/her. And a male therapist…I just don’t know.

I hope that  my openness here is useful to someone else. I hope my persistence in healing encourages someone else to keep on fighting…to keep on holding on and not give up. When one survivor gives up… I think it effects us all. When one holds one…I think that effects us all, too.

Here’s to the other survivors out there who persist in working on their healing…even when it is uncomfortable…even when it hurts like hell…even when it is inconvenient…even when…

Here’s to you. I celebrate YOU!

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