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Dear Sis – 3

February 23, 2009

Hi, tweetie,

I am thinking of you…and wondering…if there was any safe way that you could have really gotten any help. I know that they did not want either of us to get help. My t said that the timing of your death caused her to wonder if it was not planned that way as a warning to me. I was breaking free. It breaks my heart to think that might have been the case. Yet, if it set you free from the bondage they had you in…

I don’t think that I will ever know the truth in this life. They are sure not about to volunteer the information, especially since it would incriminate them.

What is it like where you are at? Is Tippy there with you? How about my cats? Are you playing with them all? I hope so.

It is late here and I need to go.

I love you, sis.

Sure wish we could talk.


Dear Sis – 2

February 18, 2009

Hi, Sis, I’m back again. Just can’t get you off of my mind for very long. You know, it makes me angry to think of how they robbed us of so much. I did try after I moved out. I know you know that. But mom wouldn’t hear of it. She just had to interfere in her sneaky, manipulating way. Grrrrr!!!! I HATE that she did that. But then…maybe, at that time, I was not any safer for you than she was. I truly don’t know…but it is very much what I suspect the truth is.

But we did connect some later on…toward the last few years. We couldn’t do much…but we did find ways to beat them…didn’t we? They didn’t really win…did they? Didn’t we beat them at their game…at least a little bit?

love you, tweetie. I’ll never forget you.


Dear Sis

February 18, 2009

I think you would like it here. I know the ocean is your favorite place, but still, I think you would enjoy the trees and the creek. I think you would enjoy the wind as it rushes through our little valley.  Actually, I don’t know if it is really big enough to call a “valley”, but I like to think of it as such.

I just lit a candle for you, hon. I know that you can’t see it…but, if you are out there and trying to find a safe place to land…the candle is there for you to show the way. I will keep it lit today…until I have to pull the curtains. Keep walking, sis…or keep resting…whichever fits. I know that I will see you again…some day.

love from me,

your big sis

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