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May 27, 2009

Sometimes…miracles really do happen.

Sometimes…we get to see them when they happen.

Sometimes…Yahweh moves in such a way as to clearly remind us that He really is still in control.

Sometimes…I can see Him to the degree that I am so humbled…and so in awe.

Sometimes…I can see how much I am really loved…

in spite of my weaknesses

in spite of my failings

in spite of my humanness

in spite of my brokenness

in spite of _____

just because

He has decided to!

Today has been one of those kinds of days. Shaky…yet awesome. Tired…yet touched.

I will always praise Him…both in the good times and in the hard…both when I “feel” like it and when I don’t.

He is good and there is none like Him…NONE!

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