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One Simple Message

October 20, 2009

Never give up hope! I don’t who out there needs to read this…but here it is. Yahweh put this message on my heart to share.


Never! Never! Never!

There is always hope. The Creator DOES see. Does care. Does love. Will take us beyond this temporary pain-filled world that we live in.

Never give up hope! I know it gets really hard. I know it can seem as if you are living in hell. You are still alive for a reason. There is a purpose to your life. You are NOT a nobody. You are somebody! Hold on. Even if you think no one in this world cares…well…I care!

I know…we may have never met…in person or online. I may not know your name. But you are made in the Creator’s image and I care about you because of that. You may not think you are made in the Creator’s image…but you are.

It does not matter what you have done. It does not matter what has been done to you. I care. So, please…hold on! Don’t let go! And


Whoever you are…you did not come across this message by mistake. It was no accident. It was no mere coincidence. It was meant to be. you were led here…and you know it. Deep inside…you know it. Cry out to the Creator. And please…let me know you saw this. You can get my email addy from the “Who I Am” page. Or…you can post a comment here. All comments are moderated. They are not posted until after I see them…unless you have already been an approved poster. If you don’t want me to post it, write that and I won’t. But write me and tell me you saw this. You can comment anonymously.


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