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Bug Bites

July 1, 2008

I am getting bit by bugs really badly. It is to the point that I am fighting being triggered by it. All bites are allergic reactions, but mine are more than the typical small, itchy bump. I get larger red patches and instead of lasting for a few days, mine tend to last for a couple of weeks. It is really wierd, but the places that are getting are the most covered places! I am almost beginning to wonder if there is some kind of spiritual component to this.

Last night, I had a difficult time getting to sleep. I had to keep fighting off panic as I kept thinking I could feel something on me. Hubby is in the same bed. He is not getting bit. I cannot even figure out exactly when the bites are happening. I don’t seem to react immediately…even though I do react severely. So, if I see more bites in the morning…was I bitten during the night? Or did it just not show up until the next day?

I am going to try to find long pants to wear to bed. I hate to always have to have the door shut and the A/C on, but the screen door does not totally seal. I am leery of putting something on my skin that says “do not use for any longer than necessary and immediately wash off with soap and water.” I cannot use DEET 24/7. Plus, you cannot put it on any areas with irritations, etc. Well…that means that I cannot use it on the places where I am most getting bit! Not until the bites clear up…which they have no appearance of doing at the rate at which I am being bitten.

I am trying some natural stuff. This time I am being very diligent to keep applying it. I hope that works. I was also not showering every single day…not unless I did something that really warranted it. Now, I am going to go back to a daily routine just in case they are somehow being drawn by something on my body. But it just does not make sense. My arms are not being bit…nor my face or neck. Why are the exposed parts of my body being bit so much less than the very covered parts? The only exposed parts getting bit are the backs of my knees…of all places! I only have three or four bites in exposed areas…with a couple dozen in covered areas. Go figure!

So, this has become rather triggering. Last night, I was fighting tears and panic to get to sleep. On the way home from work, hubby is going to buy some Cutter Bugfree Yard spray if he can find it. He will have to clear some stuff out in order to spray it…but we have got to do something!

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