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Whoopi Goldberg…Sheesh!

October 10, 2009

Well…Whoopi just keeps on stepping in it. This woman needs to either shut up or truly be the child advocate she proclaims herself to be. Then again…Whoopi is Hollywood. Perhaps, she is unable to speak the truth because the truth hurts too much. Was she, perhaps, raped as a child? If so…and if she had not faced it…it would certainly explain her backing up Polanski. Pershaps, her own daughter or granddaughter have been raped and she does not want to face it. Who knows?

I know that the cult runs a lot of Hollywood. What place does Whoopi have with that? I have no idea. I am just trying to understand why a woman like her passed over the opportunity to speak up and defend the rights of all children everywhere…millions of children…to not be raped.

I have two articles to share with you. The first one blows holes in some of the common arguments for people accepting behaviors like rape as being “normal” or “moral”. Whoopi Goldberg was Right…Sort of

The other is Wendy Murphy’s second letter to Whoopi. It’s Time to Apologize, Whoopi

Both letters have excellent points and are well worth reading.


Sexual Abuse, Rape and Adultery

October 8, 2009

So, what do sex with a minor, rape and adultery have in common? Well, in this case…it is all abuse! I mean…with the first two, you would think that would be a no brainer…but then who said Hollywood had any brains, right? If it is child…a minor…it is rape…it is abuse. End of subject…or so you would think. Apparently, if you are a Hollywood bigwig, the rules are different.

As for the adultery…well, that is rape, too. At the very least, it is taking advantage of one’s position. Consensual? No such thing with a minor and no such thing with someone you have any kind of authority or position over.

I am so sick of how the sexual abuse of children is not called what it really is…rape! I am also sick of how people who are in a higher station than the ones they have sex with can consider it “consensual”. Malarky! When someone is under someone else…they have the power…whether it be a boss, a priest, a teacher, a parent, etc.

There is a very good column on this written by Larry Elder. Hollywood, media misfire on Polanski and Letterman Larry points out that Hollywood does not even raise the issue of power or position. But then…isn’t that just so Hollywood?

No one seems to want to state the obvious in either of these cases. Polanski committed RAPE! Letterman not only committed adultery, which is bad enough, but he also used women who were under him in position. That is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I didn’t use to understand this…perhaps due to having the boundaries so twisted when I was growing up being abused my parents and God knows who all else. A boss I had years ago explained it to me. He loaned me his truck once when my car broke down, but when his truck broke down, he did not even tell me about it, let alone ask me even for a ride in.

I asked him why he did not ask to borrow my car. He said it was because of his position over me as my boss. Even though we were actually friends, he could be viewed as taking advantage of his position if he even let me know he needed assistance to ask me a favor. There is always the idea that the person beneath could feel some kind of pressure to comply or risk losing their boss’ favor. I had never heard of that idea before, but it makes total sense.

These guys are held up and protected instead of vilified and put in their places. Why??? Their actions are the actions of  lowlifes. Grrrr!!!

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