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More Articles on the Effects of Trauma on the Body

December 28, 2012








Genes and Immune System Shaped by Childhood Poverty, Stress







Bullying by Childhood Peers Leaves a Trace That Can Change the Expression of a Gene Linked to Mood


Increased serotonin transporter gene (SERT) DNA methylation is associated with bullying victimization and blunted cortisol response to stress in childhood: a longitudinal study of discordant monozygotic twins


Factors underlying variable DNA methylation in a human community cohort


A Study

March 20, 2010

Something interesting happened one day last week. I posted on two blogs in the same day and immediately received two requests (via the comments form) for me to participate in a study on bloggers and why they blog. Two radically different blogs…two requests. This left me with a dilemma…if I were to participate, which blog would I use? And what about the other two blogs…the ones I did not receive a request on?

So, I wrote the requester. She found my situation interesting, too, and had to think through how I could do the study. She worked it out that some questions I should answer with all of my blogs in mind and some with a specific blog in mind. I am not sure how well this will work, but we will see.

I tend to get triggered when I have to fill things out…like this survey. However, she is willing to work with me on that, too. She had not idea when she placed the comments that I was the same person. This is because the survey requests are tied to email addresses…which is also interesting. Why put the request in the comments rather than emailing them? I have no idea and I do not think it is necessarily significant, but I am curious…so maybe I will ask her.

So now I need to look for a time when I am feeling good and have a block of uninterrupted time so that I can tackle this.

I suppose that I could have just answered as two different people, but that somehow did not feel quite right…even though I do my various blogs for different reasons.  This blog is the one I am most protective of when it comes to identity…which also raised the question for me…did I WANT to let her know I was the author of both blogs? It took some thinking about before I did it.

All of my other blogs are somehow tied together. This one stands alone. I like it that way. It may come back around to bite me. I hope not. I just want to help wherever I can and the study sounded intriguing.

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