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Survivorship Webinar…

June 4, 2011

I have been asked several times about doing another webinar for Survivorship. Hubby seems to think I have enough experience with manipulators and controllers to do one on that, but I don’t think so. I am “blessed” to have always lived far away from relatives and my one sister died. So, I have really only had to deal with my parents and assorted other people who I have come to realize are probably cult. Of course, there was also my first husband. I don’t know.

I would really love to do one on therapeutic art again, but I already did that. I suppose I could focus on one particular aspect of therapeutic art, especially seeing as how I was running out of time to show and explain all the pieces I had.

Then there is the whole safety issue. I wrote a whole article on that and could even show some of the art pieces I did to process the things I went through. I don’t know.

Does anyone have any suggestions? You could either put it in the comments or use the contact form on the tab above if you do not have my email.

Oh, and the date they are offering is two days after my father’s birthday. Woohoo! Not! But I am game!


How a Webinar Is Done…

August 19, 2010

A webinar is an online seminar. Instead of going to a physical place, you sign in to an online site…from the comfort of your own home. That is nice because you don’t have to be concerned about traffic or getting there on time. You also get to have handy whatever you need to help you keep grounded…or to get grounded if something in the webinar triggers you. All those who are signed up will receive an email with the site address and the log in. Via that site, you get to watch the slides used by the presenter.

A second email invites everyone to the webinar conference call. The email includes a phone number with a sign in code. That connects everyone in a single call. Those listening mute their phones while the presenter is speaking to cut down on background noise. There are times given for feedback or questions. Most presenting sites also have call in or microphone capability. Not each site is equal in its quality or features, though. Therefore, Survivorship has chosen to use one site’s call-in software and another site’s presenting software.

So, you receive two emails…one with the call-in information and one with the link for the log-in to see the slides. It is a very interesting experience. Oh…and another thing. There is a side chat window for those who have difficult with speaking on the phone. It is possible to ask the presenter questions there.


Art Webinar and Life…

August 17, 2010

Well…the art Webinar is this coming Saturday, the 21st.  This month I am presenting. Ack!

No…seriously…it should be fun. However, I have never done a webinar. I like speaking and sharing, but have not really done so since uncovering the SRA side of my history. This should be interesting. Hopefully…all will go smoothly and I will handle it well. I do NOT need my PTSD to start rising…although I already feel inklings of it. I am sure things will settle down a bit once I have the presentation finished. I am almost there.

Ordinarily I would NEVER like to cut things this close, but the past few months have been filled with laptop juggling and using (at least part of the time) an old dinosaur of a laptop. I did trade one dino for another dino…but at least this dino has more going for it.

A brand new laptop…a gift from a very generous brother in the L-rd…is on its way. However, it is not scheduled to arrive until Thursday. That does not really give me much time to load everything up and be ready for Saturday…especially since it will about guaranteed to have a different OS. Ack!! So, I will probably be using the laptop I am using now…which does not have everything loaded on it that I would normally have.

Typically, I would have everything done way in advance. Not so this time. I am still thinking some things through…although most of what remains is just info typing. I have not only had to switch laptops twice, but I have also had to use two different presentation softwares! Thankfully, this dino has Power Point on it and that is much easier to use than Open Office…which is saving me time! Yay!

We are in desperate need of a house. Someone has been trying to get it built for about a year now. I asked my husband the other day how much he wanted to bet that there will be people crawling all over the place during the webinar. They have not been here for quite a while so it would not surprise me if they are suddenly able to come. When you are working with volunteers, you cannot exactly schedule things. You take whatever you can get whenever you can get it…gratefully! Right now…my family is planning on being gone for that time so I can have quiet and be able to concentrate.

I am both looking forward to doing this…and looking forward to being done with it! Depending on how this goes, I will consider whether or not to do any more webinars…art or otherwise. When I signed up for it, I thought it would be fun. And I still think it will be. However, I was also very much hoping to be in the house by now. Oh, well. Such is life!

I have no idea how many are signed up for it…or if anyone I know is signed up for it. I do know this…I will eventually be putting most of my art pieces up on my art blog. There are, however, some pieces I cannot put up due to copyright issues. I will show them during the webinar, but most likely will not be putting them up on the blog. There are also a few others that I will be showing that won’t be going up on the blog. The only way to see them is to either go to the webinar or come to my house. It is also going to take me a while to get the pieces up on the blog as there are so many.

To top it off…we may have a thunderstorm that day. So, I need to make sure the cordless phone is charged up. If need be, I will use the laptop with its batteries to see the presentation and I will have someone else change the slides on line for me. If there is lightning…we unplug the modem and all the electronics. It could be VERY interesting!

So…deep breath…rest…relax…trust. I am asking Yeshua to guide me and lead me. I need wisdom as to what to show and what to share about each piece. All is well. All will work out.


Survivorship Art Webinar…

August 17, 2010

This coming Saturday is Survivorship’s webinar for the month of August. Yours truly will be presenting. 🙂 This is the info from their site:

Survivorship Ritual Abuse Webinar “How a ‘Non-Artist’ Uses Art for Healing.”

Saturday, August 21, noon to 2:00 Pacific time
(Check in at 11:45)
“How a ‘Non-Artist’ Uses Art for Healing.”
Flower aka Garden

We’ve had Webinars by Mike Skinner, a musician, and Lynn Schirmer, an artist, who use their talents to spread the word about publically. Most of us, though, use art and music in a much more private way to advance out own healing. Now we can hear somebody just like us share her process and reassure us that art is for everybody.

“How a ‘Non-Artist’ Uses Art for Healing.”
Flower will be showing slides of some of her artwork and explaining how she used art to help in her healing process. She is not an artist, and so brings the perspective that it is something anyone can do. Talent is not needed. :-)

Flower is a survivor of SRA. She grew up in a generational cult family but was unaware of that until much later in life. Her love of writing is reflected in poetry, private journaling, and several blogs. One blog focuses specifically on her thoughts as a survivor. She has a strong faith in her Creator and has known Yeshua/Jesus since she was a small child…which is reflected in some of her healing art and writings. She also loves taking photos and combining them with encouraging words.

The cost of each Webinar is $20.00, plus the cost of your telephone call to the East Coast. There are a limited number of full and partial scholarships available. Registration closes Thursday evening June 17. If you wish to pay by PayPal, go to Otherwise, send your check to: SURVIVORSHIP, Family Justice Center, 470 27th Street, Oakland, CA 94612.

To reserve a space in the Webinar, e-mail Shamai at and give her this information:

1.Your name

2. The Webinar you wish to attend: “How a Non-Artist Uses Art for Healing.” on Saturday, August 21 and/or one of the Webinars listed below

3. Whether you need a full or partial scholarship

4. Method of payment  (PayPal button at bottom of page at )

5. Your preferred e-mail address (so we can send you instructions)

6. The name you will be using for the Webinar. (This does not have to be your real name or your message board screen name.)


Saturday, September 11
Jeannie Riseman, Bonnie Bazill-Davis, and LisaBri.
Panel on “Preparing for the Holidays.”
(We have room for one more panelist: write if you are interested.)

Saturday, October 9
Elle Snow, MSW
“Ritual Abuse Survivors and Eating Disorders.”

Saturday, November 13
Carol Ann Rowland, MSW
“Healing Trauma with Energy Psychology.”

Survivorship members may listen to past Webinars in the members’ section. (For information on joining Survivorship, go to

Past Webinars include:

“Self-Injury, Flashbacks,and Flooding as Programmed Responses, and How to Deal with Them.” Alsion Miller, Ph.D. “Open Discussion on the Use of Prayer for Christian Survivors of Ritual Abuse.” (Rev. Tom Ball) “Healthy Supportive Relationships – What They Are, How to Make One.” (Kitty Downey) “Art and Activism: What the Public Sees.” (Lynn Schirmer) “Hope, Healing and Help through Music and Advocacy.” (Mike Skinner) “Understanding Nazi Influence in Ritual Abuse.” (Alik of the OwlClan) “Sensory and Emotional Flashbacks.” (Jeannie Riseman) “The Intersection between Ritual Abuse and Physical Disability.” (Lara, BSW) “Forgiving the Unforgivable: One Survivor’s Journey to Peace” (Bonnie Bazill-Davis)  “How Survivors Can Help Their Own Cases for Disability Application and Appeal.” (Pam Perskin Noblitt) “Empowerment and Managing the Effects of Programming.” (Randy Noblitt, Ph.D.) “Normal Guilt, Guilt Induced by Extreme Abuse, and Some Suggestions for Working with Guilt.” (Jeannie Riseman)

Complete details on all our Webinars are at

We hope you join us — attending a Webinar is not much more complicated than making a phone call. You don’t have to have any special technical software or knowledge and it is a wonderful way to connect with other survivors.



August 14, 2010

OK…I admit it…I am getting a bit nervous…about the upcoming webinar. I am not sure why. I mean…it is not like there is some specific way that I must do it. It is totally up to me. However, I do have some minor dilemmas.

For one, I have a laptop coming. It is supposed to be here by the 19th. The webinar is on the 21st. So…I switched from the old dinosaur laptop that I was using previously to a better one that was given to us. It is just as old…but still better. It has its own issues, but is alright for the most part. It will certainly work until the other one gets in. I was hoping to jump from one right into the other without having to switch for a week.

Yet…there is a blessing in this. This laptop has Power Point on it. I was having to use Open Office on the other one. I had never used PP. It is definitely better than OO…much easier to work with…and, therefore, faster. So, that helps remove some of my nervousness.

It is also very difficult to know how to organize the art pieces. There are too many options. Date. Style. Event. Type of processing. Symbolism. I finally decided to do a general date order with a bit of batching by type. There may even be some grouping by the event being processed. It has been difficult to know how to do it. There is still much work to be done, but at least I now have a basic idea of what I am doing…a week before the webinar. I kept feeling it would come together it…but still…I find myself starting to sweat it as the day draws closer.

It does feel good to have been able to make a decision, of sorts, regarding organization. I still have to decide which (and how many) of the remaining pieces I am going to include. It is entirely likely that I will not get through all the pieces. I am including many more than I think we will be able to go through, but I figure that will give me some leeway as people ask questions. I may jump around a bit to share examples that might fit.

I really hope that I will be able to share something that will help someone else.


About the theme…and other stuff…

July 6, 2010

OK…the other theme was driving me nuts. I could not get the background light enough without washing out some of the text…and I could not adjust the color of the text. So…I am trying this one out for a while. It is called “Neat”. I don’t really have time to mess with themes any more right now.

On other lines of thought…I started a poetry blog. It has a real original title…NOT! But at least I am pretty consistent! A Survivor’s Poetry. You can either click on the link here or you can find the link at the top of the RSS blog links in the right hand column. I can appreciate that there are some who might only want to read poetry…or only look at art…so, I made a blog for each.

My computer goes back soon. I don’t really like it, but I also don’t like the idea that I might not be to get it turned on one of these days. *sigh* I don’t know if they will fix it or not. One guy told me they will send a check for sure. Another guy said the first guy had no right to say that…that they might be able to fix it…or send an entirely different PC. I don’t mind fixing…but I am not thrilled with a different PC unless it is the same kind or better.

I am tired. I am grieving. This grieving has to do with my ex. Not that I am grieving him…but as I see his family on FB interacting with my first marriage sons…well…I am just so aware of losing not just a spouse…but a whole family. I know it had to be…in my head. But in my heart…it is another story. There is a part of me who wants to say “hello”, but I was so vilified and lied about that I don’t really dare. I have regained some connections…partially…but not all…which is actually probably a good thing.

I am continuing to work on getting my art into jpeg format. The motivation is the Webinar I am doing in August. But this is also good for me…to have all my pieces sorted through and categorized and numbered. The Webinar is being done by Survivorship. I will put a link in the sidebar. The Webinars are being done as a community service and also to raise funds for ongoing Survivorship services.

As for my parents…still no word. Such is life.


Trying to Figure Out…

June 20, 2010

I am trying to figure out what art pictures to use for the Webinar on August 21. I have SO many…and each one has something a bit different about it. I have to figure how many I can share, given the amount of time I have and how much I want to say about each one. Or maybe…I should just share some and let people ask questions rather than telling them about it? Hmm…

I am looking forward to it, but now need to work through the logistics. I hope I can find my therapeutic art book in time. It has some information I would like to share.

It’s Father’s Day. I pretty much was just focused on hubby and FIL, but a friend asked some questions about G-d and Fathers and, well, maybe that is what contributed to my being a bit touchy when something else happened.

I am feeling rather closed in right now.  There are three of us with laptops. Needless to say…things are CRAMPED. Aw…heck…I am just emotional. What can I say?



May 5, 2010

No…not dinner rolls…or the boat rolls…or waves roll…or any other kind of roll. Blog rolls. Every once in a while, I find that I am on someone’s blog roll. It never ceases to surprise me and amaze me. Each time, I think “what on earth do they find in my writings that make them worthy of being put on someone’s blog roll?”

Or I look at my subscriber list. Now…it does not show me who is subscribing. It is just a number. But that number represents real people who think my blog…or a particular post…is worth reading. Again…whenever I happen to look at that part of my stats…I am amazed. Moi? People think moi has something useful to say? Why? It makes me stop and think about why I write.

When I first started blogging, I was sick of the forum scene…not that all forums are bad…they are NOT! In fact, I have experienced some incredible healing in forums. Yet I have also experienced some of the deepest wounding. Plus, forums are limited in their readership. I wanted to be able to share with more people…and, hopefully, get more input. So, I decided to start blogging!

It was my hope…and still is…that when people read here, they find someone who understands…who “gets it”. Someone whose life experiences might not be identical (is anyone’s ever really anyway?)…but someone whose experiences emotionally, and maybe even mentally, are similar.

I hope that you can see someone who keeps on fighting…who keeps on pushing through…even when she wants to give up (like now…but that is another post). I hope that, as I share what works for me…and what does not…it might help you find something that works for you. Or maybe it will help you to not feel so badly if it is not working for you. After all…if it did not work for me either…then just maybe…it is not us. Maybe it is the whatever it is that we were trying that did not work. Or maybe…we just need to work it in a different way and we can help each other to find that way.

I hope that we can learn together. When people comment and share their thoughts, it stimulates dialog. I learn from dialog. I learn from others…which is why I read others’ blogs, too…when I can get to them. My life often makes that difficult, but I do make the rounds when I can. And I always try to find something to comment about in others’ blogs. I do that for two reasons. One is to let them know that they are being read. The other is to affirm them…to encourage them. I know what it is like to write and wonder if anyone is reading…if anyone is “listening”. I know what it is like to share struggles and get…nothing.

So…here I am…amazed again. I just discovered my blog in a blogroll at Crazy-making. I almost have to laugh. The name can sure fit my life at times! Crazy-making. I am working on making it less crazy-making. *smile* I am honored to be included. This blogger is trying to make lists of client bloggers (as opposed to therapist bloggers) and also art bloggers. Very interesting!

It reminds me that I have been wanting to get some of my art work up here…even though I am really not an artist. The focus of my art work is therapy. Believe me…artistry is NOT my talent. My difficulty in getting them up, though, is getting some decent photos of them. I took some  a while back…but I only got some pieces and the quality of the photos is rather poor. I have a much better camera now. It has been a project on my to do list for some time to go some place where I know I can probably get better pics of them. Better lighting. More room.  I need to get that done in plenty of time for me to put something together for an upcoming webinar I am doing on art therapy from a non-artist’s perspective.

Well…that’s it for now. I have lots to do today so I am not sure when I will get back here. It may not be until tomorrow. I hope that everyone reading is doing well. If you are struggling…remember that you are NOT alone! There ARE those who do understand…who do get it…and who do care. Be good to yourself. Also remember that there is a Creator out there who does want to touch your life…who wants to set you free.


More Survivorship Webinars – Randy Noblitt and Jeannie Riseman

February 9, 2010

I forgot that I had this post buried in my draft pile. So…here it is…albeit it a bit late.

I attended two more Survivorship webinars. Both were excellent.

Randy Noblitt, PhD was the presenter of a webinar on “Empowerment and Managing the Effects of Programming”. He explained about programming

Jeannie Riseman gave a presentation on “Normal Guilt, Guilt Induced by Extreme Abuse, and Some Suggestions for Working with Guilt.”

Both presenters did a good job. I learned new things and had other familiar things reinforced. One thing I like about the webinars is that they help me to see what I have learned in addition to teaching me new things. I get to hear about others’ experiences and get information from those who have been studying what happens to survivors. Part of what that does is reinforce good and correct messages while exposing incorrect and negative messages.

Healing is a process. There is always more to learn along the way. I hope I always keep learning new things and forward in my healing and growth. These webinars definitely help me to do that. Even when I go in thinking I am already pretty familiar with a topic, I find that I learn something new. So far, the presenters have been interesting, prepared and familiar with their subject. I am grateful to them.

For information about future webinars go to Survivorship webinars.


Webinars From Survivorship

October 16, 2009

Survivorship recently started having Webinars. Survivorship has many wonderful resources and I highly recommend it to those who are seeking to understand Ritual Abuse (RA) so that they can support a survivor they know and for survivors who need support.

Webinars are a wonderful way to attend a seminar in the safety and comfort of your own home. Many survivors are not yet ready to meet other survivors face to face. This allows them to “get together” without having in person contact. While it tends to be more affordable due to not having travel expenses, you do have to phone in, so long distance charges might be a factor for some.

In a Webinar, you are given a phone number in a registration email, along with a sign in number. When the time comes, you call the number and dial in your sign in number at the prompt. At that point, you are connected. If the presenter has already signed in, you are on the phone with them. If not, you are put on hold with music while you wait.

You are also given a link for the internet so that you can see the slides that the presenter is using. After you are on the phone, you go to the link and login with the number you were given in the registration email. At that point you are allowed to type in the name you wish to use in the seminar. You are not mandated to use your real name. That is a feature that helps many to feel safer and more comfortable.

Another nice thing is that the software also has a chat window. This is great for those who are uncomfortable with speaking out loud or who are still struggling to find their voice. Some presenters are OK with the chat window. Some are not. It depends upon the presenter. Sometimes, the chat window can be distracting.

Although I can type pretty fast, I preferred speaking. It is faster and more convenient for me, especially if I am struggling to find the right words to say. This is one reason that someone listening to the recording might find me fumbling a bit…looking for the words to say what I am trying to say. But saying it, for me, is powerful. I don’t often get a chance to talk about my experiences with others. Hearing my voice speaking things and having others listen and hear…and “get it”. Wow! I cannot really explain how empowering…how validating that is…especially when others are sharing their experiences.

When I read what others have written, even though the sharing may be intimately personal, I still lack the dimension of sight and sound. I cannot see their expression or hear their tone. All I have are written words on a page. Being able to hear someone’s voice is so much more personal…so much more real. So, being heard and hearing others are two things that, for me, are very empowering and validating.

Survivorship has held several Webinars now. I have been privileged to attend two. Their first, and my first, I wrote about here. It was done by Jeannie Riseman on the subject of flashbacks. Jeannie is a retired therapist who works a LOT with  Survivorship. As a member of Survivorship, I have had interactions with Jeannie. I have always been very impressed by her compassion and levelheadedness…unlike some other therapists I have interacted with online.

My second Webinar was on forgiveness. It was led by Bonnie Brazill-Davis of Speak Out Services. In the Webinar she told her story, giving a general overview of her abuse experiences. As she did so, she walked us through the different aha moments that she had that helped her to find the ability to forgive her abusers. I really appreciated being able to hear her voice over the phone as she shared. As I mentioned previously, that was very powerful in itself.

I hope to attend future Webinars and hope that others will, too.


Webinar on Flashbacks

August 18, 2009

I went to a Webinar on Saturday. Well…I guess using the word “went” is a bit of a misnomer because I didn’t really “go” anywhere! I was at my PC the whole time. With a Webinar, you call in for a conference call and sign in online to see the slides and use the chat. It was actually a pretty neat experience.

The subject was on sensory flashbacks. I found the information very useful. Most of it is already familiar…but hearing it in this setting with the added advantage of interaction was very useful. I really liked being able to ask questions and to hear others’ questions.

Jeannie Riseman from Survivorship was the presenter. It was her first time doing a Webinar and I think she did great. There were some technical difficulties and she just sailed right through it…working around them. Although I cannot speak for the other participants, based upon the closing remarks during some extra time after the Webinar, it seemed like they enjoyed it, too.

I think it was a success and I look forward to more Webinars in the future.

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