Telling My Story

I recently told my story at a recovery meeting. It is the first time I have told my recovery story in person in over two decades, so it is a bit rough. It is even rougher due to the fact that it is the first time I have shared since the memory recall that turned my life and story upside down. It is also the first time I have shared “publicly” about the dark roots of my addictive personality. I have shared bits and pieces one on one as I believed it would help the other person or for my own processing and healing. But to a group… not until now.

It was recorded and I am sharing it here. It is only the highlights since the survivor info was just a backdrop for the recovery story (and for the sake of time). Had I been telling it as a survivor story, I would have shared a bit more, but not too much since I would not have wanted to trigger anyone. Truth be told, I knew there was a strong likelihood there were other survivors in the room since the “group” is so pervasive and I wanted to be careful not to needlessly trigger anyone.

It feels good to be able to be freer and not hide anymore. Of course, I am still cautious and mindful of who I tell what. In fact, someone came up after the meeting and intentionally tried to set off my programming. I am not surprised. But G-d is turning that around for good!

I was given forty-five minutes and it turned into over an hour. I am so grateful for the opportunity that was given to me. This was groundbreaking and very freeing … another level of healing!


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