What Is SRA?

A lot of people do not understand what Ritual Abuse is. Nor do they understand what Satanic Ritual Abuse is. There are a lot of articles and things written about both of those things out there, so I really don’t need to repeat it here. In case you need the info, here are some places you can start. I have not read everything on every site and my experiences are uniquely my own…and not necessarily as they describe them. Nor can I  say that I agree with everything that is written. This is just to give you places to start. These sites do not all come from the same perspective.

Survivorship FAQ

From the Inside Out


His Presence Online

Satanic Ritual Abuse – The Evidence Surfaces by Daniel Ryder

Restoration in Christ Ministries

You might also find this useful. I took part in this survey. Extreme Abuse Survey

Child Abuse Wiki – Ritual Abuse

SRA Evidence from 22 Faces

What I have to offer here is the little bit that I remember and what I have pieced together of how I experienced it and how I am dealing with it. If that is what interests you…read on!


  1. Just took a look at the survey results to get a better understanding and well…I just want to vomit. I’m not surprised at the capacity in which we as humans continue to screw each other over…but oh my goodness. The fact that any human could answer yes to any of those questions. WTF! I am grateful that you share parts of your life with your readers. I really am!

  2. Thanks, hon.

  3. Thank you for your article on this.

    • You are welcome. I hope more people become educated on this.

  4. Here’s another good article on the ritual abuse topic at child abuse wiki.

    • Thank you. I am adding it to the page!

  5. Hi, I`m not really sure what to say at this point, after all these years I`m still a little confused and not sure it was real. I had a breakdown in 1999 , I began to hear numeous voices in my head and they became increasingly loud and more numerous. I ended up in counseling were over time SRA involvement became more evident, as well as a diagnosis of MPD or DID. I seemed to have a strong knowledge of Satanic rituals as well as memories of abuse ….at one point I drew a machine used to acquaint love with pain ( it was called EVOL) the day I drew it, a woman I had never met and who lived over a thousand miles from me drew the same machine while seeing her counselor ….the only concidence we were in the same counseling building that day. Funny as I write this I`m getting agitated, and I can feel my heart starting to race. I had they tell me over nine distinct personalities, I can remember the day five of them wrote their names on a piece of paper all with very distinct style …not a day I wish to remember. I spent four years in counseling often staying for a week at a time at the counseling house. There were some powerful healing moments and I had three intergrations where my split personality merged with my true self, missing bits of memory “were” restored along with some intense emotions , but how real the memories are I still realy don`t know? My parents deny any knowledge of abuse or involvement,though I do remember a voice coming out of my mouth informing my mother that she knew. For a time I seemed to have no control over my personalities coming out, while this happened it was like sitting on a bench and watching my body act and say things that I had no control over ….it is very strange to hear a voice speak from your mouth that is childish, or female ( I`m male) or full of hate, anger, pain or fear. It`s been 10 years since I last went to counseling, I still don`t have any answers and feel like pieces are missing…..how does one come to the truth of what really happened? To this day I cannot look at a book on SRA or see someone clothed in a satanic robe, a few years ago I was at a party for my workplace and someone came as a satanist…I had to leave the party because of the emotional response from my body …..I find this very confusing and would love to find out the truth ….thanks for your site …sincerely Shaun

    • Hi, Shaun, sorry it took so long to get to this. I am dealing with a lot in my life right now.

      I understand being “not sure if it is real”. It can take time to work through this and to sort things out. It is quite a journey.

      I hope you are able to find and accept the truth and work through your healing.

      You are not alone. There are many others who have to go through similar struggles, but healing can be found.

      Take care.

  6. Thanks, for the reply….hope what your going through isn`t to overwhelming. Is there a forum for survivors ?

    • I highly recommend Survivorship.org. I have not been there for a quite a while, but I know some of the people at Survivorship and they are good people.

  7. Thank you I will check them out…going through a bit of a rough patch right now …thanks again.

  8. Thank you, much appreciated…. Shaun

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