June 29, 2010

I felt it was time for some changes…like my header, for instance. It just seemed like the prior header was a bit somber and I wanted something cheerier. See the page Header Photos for the significance of the photo I used.

I have been working on the upcoming Webinar. So far…with the exception of a few drawings I found in a notebook, I have everything (I think) cataloged. My art is in different formats. Some of it is pdf, some doc, some Photoshop creation, some are physical pieces that are photographed. Everything that is photographed is cropped. A good portion are also watermarked and exported for webinar use. Only a few are actually in the presentation.

I have not made up my mind which pieces I am going to show yet. I am just preparing them all because I have to send my PC in on warranty. Yes…I am grimacing…especially since it looks like my hubby has to send his in, too. We have older ones we can switch back to…but they cannot handle the PSE8 software I use for my photos, etc. So, I am just fixing them all up. The presentation software should work OK.

There are more art photos up on the Healing Art blog. I am going to try and add one or two every day or so. But we will see…what with my PC and all. I really need to work on the Webinar…to pick those pieces. I want to make sure those pieces are all up by the Webinar date.

It looks like we just might be in a new place within the next couple of months or so. At least…that is what we are hoping.


  1. Changes? « A Survivor's Thoughts on Life…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. I have to say I can easily figure out what I’m looking at now . . .

    Not that your last “masthead” was not interesting. It was. But I had to think too hard before realizing I needed help from you to tell me what I needed to know.

    Surviving gets that way. You try to do so much on your own. First step to “recovery” is when you feel you really need to ask someone for help.


    michael j
    good to see you again!

    • Hey, michael! Good to see you, too!

      Very profound thought there..”First step to “recovery” is when you feel you really need to ask someone for help.”

      I like that…and it is so true…whether it is asking help from G-d or another human being. When I try to keep things to myself and work it out all by myself…that is when I stagnate and falter.

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