No Word…Yet…

June 30, 2010

No word yet from the parents. I have no idea if they read their email every day or not. I suspect that at least one of them does…but, hey…it has been a number of years since I last saw them or had any steady contact with them. I am not really expecting a quick response…if I even get one at all.

I am still toying with the idea of adding a poetry blog. Why a separate blog? Well…some people are into art…but not necessarily my thoughts. Some are into poetry…but not necessarily my art. I am thinking it might be good to keep it all separate. Also…some are triggered by images…but not so much words…which makes not mixing the art and the poetry a good idea…I think.

I don’t mind putting things in my regular blog here, too. I am just thinking it might be nice to be able to have things all in one place. I do have a place for poetry…but it is not a place I can point to from here because it might reveal my identity. That is NOT something I am ready to do. Anonymity gives me certain freedoms of expression. I do not want to lose that.

I am not sure how I “feel” today. I sense the possibility of tears just beneath the surface. That is one difficult thing about living with others. I tend to hide what I am feeling…sometimes even from myself. In my attempts to not let things spill out onto others…I push them away and bury them. I make myself blind to myself. And that just does not really seem like a good place to be…ya know?

In this setting it is even tougher…although, with the guys outside for a bit I do get a little bit of freedom. Thing is…I never know when they will be back. I really miss having my own art/PC/office/whatever room. Even in the new place…I won’t really have that. I am still going to have to take it all out after their bedtimes and pack it all up when I hit the sack. But, hey! I will have more space and more opportunities! I need to keep looking for that silver lining…for that bright side…for that blessing in the midst of seeming darkness. It is part of how I survive.

Well…my PC is not recognizing our new printer (gift from someone…woohoo!) So…I need to reboot. These are my thoughts right now. In 20 minutes…I will probably be thinking something completely different.


  1. I get the idea of wanting things separate. Although I managed to put them all under one website…there are still five separate blogs on my website. People check one not realizing there are four more.

    • It would be nice to get a website. I do have a site for my business…but I know NOTHING about setting it up. Right now it just forwards to a blog because blogging I DO know. LOL I dream of a website with everything under one roof…well…I would need two actually. One for my anonymous survivor stuff and one for my other stuff. 🙂 And maybe a third for my business? Of course, it could be pages that just don’t link to each other. 😉

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