22 Faces — Jenny Hill and Judy Byington

January 24, 2013

22 Faces is a fairly new site dealing with Satanic Ritual Abuse. It shares the story of Jenny Hill, the only known survivor of an intended sacrifice victim. The goal of the book written about Jenny’s life and the website is to offer information about ritual abuse and to offer support and hope to survivors in the form of several resources.

I am always wary when someone approaches me to share their site or services, as Judy Byington did. I have experienced enough of people not being what they present themselves to be. Or simply of them not being altogether altruistic. I really try hard not to let my nightmare experiences with some therapists online keep me from putting good resources out there. So, here is 22 Faces.

I do not know Judy Byington or Jenny Hill. I have no personal knowledge, good or bad, about them. However, when I read what happened to them on Dr. Phil, I was not surprised. What he did to them is, sadly, very common among “talk show” people. They are not interested in the truth, but in ratings. I watched the clips they showed on Dr. Phil’s site and felt very unsettled. I was uncertain what to believe.  After reading Jenny’s “Open Letter to Dr. Phil” and now Judy’s “Dr. Phil — The Rest of the Story”, I am disgusted. I have read of such things happening to others I know so I have no reason but to believe their take on things, especially since I saw hints of it even in the clips Dr. Phil has on his site. It took courage to approach him and go on his show. Shame on him for the way he treated them!

Below are links to 22 Faces and to their responses to what happened to them on Dr. Phil. Read them and judge for yourself. There is also a letter on their site from another therapist who has worked with clients who have DID/MPD which I have linked to on my “What is SRA?” page.

22 Faces

Jenny Hill’s Open Letter to Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil — The Rest of the Story



  1. the only interview I ever saw as healthy was the one conducted (by 0) with Trudy Chase, who wrote, “When Rabbit Howls.” It was Trudy’ s integrity that maintained the value and direction the show took. I then read Trudy’s book. Her story expressed her experience from her perspective… and wow. I felt both confused (she wrote in , such a different frame of thought that I was never concretely sure what she said), and yet, I understood exactly how tortured her life was… and you can’t fake that intensity if it’s something you don’t know. She wrote her book to give people a frame of reference that says, “yes, this reality exists. and…there is a reason.”

  2. …and so, it makes me angry that people waste their time making a circus of true vulnerability instead of inviting awareness. It’s an already painful way of walking…why is it fun to host such meanness? Phil Mc Graw can be a horrid bully and smile all the while. How is that credible?

    • I hear you, Meredith. I never saw the interview with Trudy Chase, but I have heard much about her and her book…positive things.

      As for Dr. Phil and his ilk, it is apparent to me that ratings and his ego are more important than the truth. Anyone who claims to be a “Dr.” or a therapist (former or current) should have an open mind. He, obviously, does NOT! They saw an opportunity when Judy called and ran with it for their own purposes.

      I understand that Judy was trying to do something positive, but the reality is she was pretty naive to think she would get a fair shake on a show like that. How sad that the world is so jaded, but such is the nature of fallen humanity.

  3. Thank you for posting these comments. Even though the Dr. Phil show was not what Jenny and I hoped, it did help publicize 22 Faces which, as you know, has a purpose: to educate the public about ritual abuse. We can all help to get the message out there: that children are being raped, tortured and murdered and we need to do something about it. Any little discomfort as like happened with Dr. Phil, means nothing if it helps save children.

    • Great attitutde, Judy. I hope it did help to educate people. Sadly, though, I think it probably turned many viewers off to the truth. I don’t know. We can hope, though!

  4. Sadly a bunch of Dr Phil Tv viewers wrote 1 star reviews on amazon just based on the TV show (which I didn’t see the point in watching). The book’s been getting rave reviews everywhere else, and from those who have read it.

    • It is sad that people don’t try to check out more of the facts. They actually assume that what they see on TV is all straight up.

      • what is even sadder is that other people believe what is on TV, when on an entertainment show too – hardly up to documentary standards

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