When Reality Hits…

August 1, 2020

This happened some time ago, but I am finally finishing up this post now.

One day, during the first songs at our congregational meeting, I started to cry. The images of two men kept flashing through my mind. The images were so strong that I could not see anything else. And I started to cry as reality hit.

Who were the two men? They were fictional characters from movies my family had recently seen. One was the Bourne series about the character Jason Bourne. The other was “The Shooter” about the character Bob Lee Swagger. So why would they impact me so greatly? Because they are reflections of real life.

In the cultic/occultic world, there are real people in the same roles as those two characters. I have met some of them online and heard their struggles and victories, heard their anguish. Some are in the military. They cannot simply get out. They are programmed and have mental and emotional “hooks” and programming in them.

So, those characters gave me a very real picture into the lives of some people I know. When those two characters kept flashing through my mind, all I could think about were some of the people I know online… people I care about. And it broke my heart.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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